MY TRUE SELF about page

The true me!!
Name michelle jane mason
location : lowestoft  , suffolk but i was born in isleworth
status: married
children : yes i have had two but i lost my youngest 
chloe marie to cotdeath in 2007 so now i only have 1 bethany mya she is 9yrs on november 2014.
pets:iv got 3 cats ,susie fatty n pip is the boy , iv got my dog enya louise. means (bundle of joy)
siblings: i was born an only child and i found out i have a half sister but we arent in contact!
fav color: pink 
fav author/s : enid blyton , jk rowling
fav movies: crossroads by britney spears and coyote ugly
likes: roast dinners , the sims 1,2,3,4 ,the vampire diaries 
dislikes : people that use others ,people that are horrid to children ,or people that hurt and  abuse animals and others!
fav deserts:  bannana-offee pie or pudding , cream cakes
hobbies: crochet , knitting, cross-stitch,
fav bands: backstreet boys and eternal
fav flower:  roses
fav book : anything with enid blyton and

about my personal life(my disability): i am 28 as you know nd i suffer with osteo-arthuritus,spinabifida-occultta (i have had scince birth) and curveture of the spine (my spines an s shape) the doctors have recently put me on tablets for multipul sclerosis (ms) and they are working i have muscel-spasms alot due to this mainly in my legs and arms i am on a high dose/doses of medications  and i am bedbound mainly now my husband robert has to look after me all the time but i do have to have 2 carers  come in as well twice a day.  it is hard as my little girl could end up like me someday but ill be there for her ...she wont go through hers alone like i did growing up( as no1 not even my parents bieleved me)

thing i like to make : i love a challenge ilove doing blankets 

i hope you like all the info so far about me and in future there will be the followin pages:

the wool i like n want.
the books i read/have read
the projects i wanna do:
my personal animals project/website link

if you have any more ideas get in touch or